Monday, February 26, 2007

MP4 portable media player - Unibit X-813(Parameters)

Researched more on UNIbit X-813 PMP player.
X-813 is the first PMP player based on S2100 chip-set solution.
  • Core CPU: 240MHz ARM926EJ 32bits
  • Internal Memory: Spansion Flash Memory
  • Battery: 950mAH
By meaning of this powerful S2100 solution, X-813 can last 40hours for Mp3 playing and can have 10 hours long playing time for even movie playing.

I was very much satisfied with the performance it has in hardware and playing. But I still think there are many things UNIbit should do on software improvement.
  • No resume feature for media play, you have to select again and again the next media to play if you switched the functions between music, movie, radio or book reader. Of cause, if you power off the device, you need select the play point again too.
  • I didn't find the bookmark function with it
  • Don't support folders/categories for music or movie, you can't organize your media files with folders or categories
  • Expects synchronization function with PC, so you can organize your media files more efficiently
  • Operation is not uniformed, the operation of +/- and <> sometime confusing
Of cause, for hardware, I think following points can be considered for improvement.
  • Key touch feeling is not satisfied, to hard to be pressed
  • Layout for +/-, <> is not rationalized, especially you feel confuse when you are playing games
  • MiniSD slot is too shallow, the MiniSD is sticking out, it will be easily removed from the slot
Hope there will be better new coming products for this very high performance S2100 solution.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

MP4 portable player - Unibit X-813(Upgrade)

There are many issues with my Unibit X-813 MP4 player.
  • Slow response for music selection
  • The volume reduces automatically when you >> or <<>
  • Can't play MP4 file large than 200MB file
I decide to update my X-813 since I found the new firmware is released in Unibit official site.
Unibit X-813 firmware upgrade 20070207 version was used.

The procedures to update the firmware.
  • Switch OFF the X-813
  • Press REC key and connect the device to PC, if it your first time to do this, the device drive needs be installed. Following to the device drive manager to install the device driver.
  • Run the DFU, firmware upgrade utility.
  • From File group, click Browse for Download selection and select the new firmware file (there are 4 files in different folders, you can try one by one in this order 新凌达->旧凌达->丰奇->金永达)
  • Click Start Download to flash the new firmware file.
  • When flash is finished, "DFU succeeded" will be displayed.
  • Unplug X-813 and connect it to PC again,copy all resource files into the root fold in it.
  • Unplug and connect it again.
  • Updating will be displayed in a white screen for 1 or 2 minutes.
  • Wait until the normal screen is displayed.

Congratulation! Your X-813 is upgraded now.
  • Goto [Menu]->[Display settings]->[System Information]->[Software version] to confirm the version has been changed to "NOPA SP100 V1.0.0.2".
The issues list above should have been resolved.

MP4 portable player - Unibit X-813

I purchased a MP4 device(X-813) from Unibit.
It is quite nice with very clear voice also can play big MP4 movie etc.
Unibit X-813

Here are some features of Unibit X-813.
  • 2.5" 320x240 262,000 colors TFT
  • Audio: MP3/WMA/ASF/AAC/MIDI, S/N reach 90dB
  • Video: SWF/AVI/MPEG2/MPEG4/FLV/H.264
  • Image: JPEG,BMP and GIF
  • FM(China/Japan/EU/US)
  • Digital recording, A-B repeat function
  • With multi-task operation supporting
  • Support E-book
  • Games
  • Support external SD/MMC card(Up to 1GB)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

International Brands in China

The earth is flat, the world is around.
In China, all international famous brands can be found. You will be so surprise that the Chinese is driving brand car, wearing brand cloths, Rolex watches, handing brand bags.
I found a huge VL bag in Shenyang, in front of Lido hotel.
You will be surprise with it too...

Shenyang Traveling - Wulihe Stadium(2)

Wulihe Stadium becomes history.
On Feb. 12, 2007, at 3:00pm, Wulihe Stadium was destroyed.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Shenyang Traveling - Wulihe Stadium

It was too surprise to have known that the Wulihe Stadium will be blown up on Feb. 12, 2007.
2 years ago, during my visiting to Shenyang the first time, I was surprised with her bad condition of the Stadium, which has been established just for 16 years.
This stadium was named as "Lucky place for China football", just after 18 years, this building has to finish her mission.

I am stay at Sheraton Shenyang Lido Hotel now, very nearby the stadium.
Looking at the stadium from my window, I could not even can image the building will be disappeared soon from today...

Refer to here for the stadium.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Beijing Traveling - QUANJUDE

QUANJUDE, a famous brand of China, was established in 1864.
Owning this long history, Quanjude roast duck receives a high reputation among domestic and overseas consumers for the peculiar roast technique and outstanding quality.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Beijing Traveling - DaiJiaCun (Chinese-Thai) Restaurant

DaiJiaCun is fabulous Chinese-Thai Restaurant with ethnic minority dancing & music shows for lunch and dinner with Sichuan, Chinese, Thai flavor, which serves Organic mushroom and vegetables aired from Yunnan.

Beijing Traveling - Acrobatics Macrocosm

Chaoyang Theater functioned as Beijing's premier live performance venue for over 20 years, it is located on the 3rd Ring Road north of the Jingguang Center.

Every night, there is 2 show times for the theater. The times are 17:15 and 19:15, the program is each 1 hour.

I enjoyed the performance very much.

*Regarding Acrobatics
Acrobatics, one of China's oldest art forms, originated during the New Stone Age (6000~2000BC) as part of the game and ceremonies used in sacrificial offerings to ancestors. From then on, people lived in the Yellow River area created art forms similar to modern acrobatics as early as the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (about 770~221BC).
The records on acrobatics could be easily found in books, murals, brick carving and ton carvings of the Han Dyansty(206BC~AD220).
As art for the ages, acrobatics has maintained its allure throughout the time.

Characteristics of Chinese Acrobatics

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Beijing Traveling - Match found in South Beauty

This is a funny match, right?
Found in the South Beauty-a Sichuang style Chinese restaurant in the World Hotel, Beijing.

Beijing Traveling - China World Hotel, Beijing

Located in the central business district and part of the prestigious China World Trade Centre, China World Hotel is a preferred address for distinguished business and government leaders and discerning travellers visiting the capital of China.
I felt comfortable staying in this good place.

Here are some pictures I took around it.

World Trade Centre

World Trade Centre

Beijing Zhaoshang building

Beijing Traveling - The Chinese year of 2007

The Chinese year of 2007 is the PIG year. The pig year is very lucky year in Chinese traditional said. The year of 2007 will be another baby-born year in China.

Feb. 18 is the Chinese Spring festival. People are preparing the new year. All the restaurants/shopping centers paste the symbol of the year on the doors/gates.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Visiting China-Beijing airport

It is a little bit exciting to visit Beijing again after 10 years from my first visiting to Beijing, from now on I will stay about a week in Beijing.

The airport gave me quite good expression. With very China traditional interior, I could taste the wonderful history as the first glance.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Haken No Hinkaku(The dignity of Haken)

Every Wednesday 10:00pm on air!

ハケンの品格(Haken no Hinkaku - the dignity of Haken)

Haruko is a super-woman of Haken OL who earns 3,000 yen/hour (it increases to 3,500yen/hour in today's story).
She leaves office on the dot, never work overtime.
She is cold without cracking a smile but is a good flamingo dancer in her free time(no smile too).

Haken no Hinkaku is a timely dream drama giving good reflection of current Japan society.
The percentage of Haken (temporary employees dispatched by personnel agency) increased remarkable these years. The credibility gap, wall of prejudice between regular employees and Haken is becoming serious society problem in Japan.

This drama creates a hero of Haken - Haruko, with her special view of life, work and relationship of the society, she is a symbol of a cool generation style of life in Japan, things are changing in Japan, this kind of diversity may be coming soon even I don't much believe this kind of hero is really living around us.

And I don't want to miss to watch one story of this drama.

(Picture (c) by NTV)